Innovation Marine Corporation, Sarasota, Florida

Innovation Marine Corporation is a proven player in the global High-Performance Marine Boating Arena. It was founded in 1983, with 2 employees and one 3,600 sq. foot building, and has now grown to over 20 employees and a new 28,000 sq. foor building. Innovation Marine Corporation's racing accomplishments have been many, including UIM world speed record holder, APBA world speed record holder, national and world champions in different classes.
Innovation Marine manufacturers and services custom performance marine gas and diesel engines for the US Navy, other government agencies, as well as other foreign governments. Over its 30-year history, Innovation Marine Corporation has earned the industry's respect for developing new and innovative quality products and services.
33 years ago Rick La More Sr . was an engineer and plant manager for Mercury Hi-Performance. Because of all the boat companies in the Sarasota area, he saw a need for a small version of Mercury racing. He moved from Oshkosh, WI started fulfilling that vision of building reliable Hi-Performance marine engines, rigging boats, doing set up, testing and warranty work for all the boat companies. Innovation Marine has grown from that one small building into a very impressive Hi-Performance marine company.
Innovation Marine employees are some of the best in the industry at their chosen field. If it is trouble shooting problems, rigging, stern drive repair, engine building, or developing new products, they all are cognizant of the hardship these Hi-Performance products are put through. They maintain the high standards that Innovation and the end user (consumer) demand and expect.