2022 Kick Off at Cocoa Beach

Ilmor 725hp MV-10s
April 18, 2022
One Hell of a Boat
April 29, 2022
When the pros start showing up at the shop for some test and tune you know you are getting close to #racingseason!
2022 offshore racing kicks off May 19th in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and for all you #motorheads out there, you won’t want to miss @jbsoffshoreracing in the twin V16 powered MTI as it thunders around the course.
You heard correctly, this stunning boat is powered by a very unique custom set of V16 naturally aspirated small blocks that produce a staggering 1100hp each and push this boat to 200mph+!
With all that power hiding under the hatches this team is sure to be a strong competitor for this year’s titles and will no doubt put on an exciting show.
Let’s go!!!