Pushing the Limits

50 Ft. Hustler
February 21, 2021
Eagle Overwatch Storage Solution
March 8, 2021
No man shaped the history offshore racing more than Reggie Fountain. After a remarkable career racing factory outboard tunnel hulls, Fountain set his sights on custom #offshore deep-v #powerboats. His designs would revolutionize the entire industry. From handcrafted putty strakes that improved handling, to stepped hulls, notched transoms and pad keel running surfaces, it was Fountain’s devotion to constant innovation that cemented his legacy and kept his boats miles ahead of the competition.
At Innovation Marine we like to consistently push the limits of performance, reliability and efficiency with our marine engines. For us it’s not just a name, innovation is in our blood. Our designs are the culmination of nearly 40 years of striving to produce the fastest engines in the business. With every engine we produce we find new and innovative ways to draw out more horsepower, better torque and quicker throttle response.
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