Smokin Hot

Justice League
July 30, 2021
Life is Better
August 12, 2021

Smoking hot from every angle. Have a look around this #cigaretteracingteam 39GTS powered by quad #mercurymarine 300s.
The fit and finish of these vessels are superb. It is the attention to detail and quality of manufacturing that keep these boats ahead of the competition. Once you’ve experienced the thrill of a Cigarette it’s hard to accept anything less.
At Innovation Marine we strive to offer only the highest quality of craftsmanship and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. It is our dedication to detail and unwavering determination to satisfy every customer that has kept us in business since 1983, and seen our customers return year after year. Once you’ve experienced true Innovation, there’s no going back to the competition.
By the time we’re done with this boat, it’ll be back to running as good as it looks.

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