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September 21, 2022
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October 8, 2022

As hurricane Ian approaches we thought we’d offer some simple last-minute precautions that you can take to help secure your trailered vessel and protect your hard-earned investment. While most of these may seem obvious, they can be easily overlooked when getting prepared for a major storm.

– Be sure to remove any loose items from your vessel and secure all seating, hatches and compartments.

– Store any removable accessories in a secure location

– Use straps to firmly secure your boat to it’s trailer on both the bow and stern.

– Remove drain plugs to allow collected water to flow out.

– Shut off batteries and disconnect onboard chargers from power outlets.

– Tighten your winch to ensure your vessel is firmly secured to the trailer.

– Remove or secure any cloth covers and Bimini tops that might act as sails in high winds.

– Lower the air pressure in your tires and chock the wheels on your trailer to prevent movement. If possible, use straps to secure the trailer to the ground so that it cannot easily roll away in high winds.

– If possible, park your vessel in an area of your property where falling debris is less likely to cause damage.

– Most of all stay safe and remember that property is replaceable, but your life is not.

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