Talkin Drives for Transom Tuesday

Happy 4th
July 4, 2021
The Power of Innovation
July 8, 2021
It’s #transomtuesday so we’re talkin’ drives.
“When it comes to a drive like the Number Six, you need to give a damn. You can’t just throw the thing together. It is more of an art than a science…” says Jeff Hopper of Innovation Marine.
He would know. Trained at Mercury’s Lake-X, Hopper graduated in 1985 and spent 25 years at the facility perfecting his craft. One of only a handful of highly specialized technicians certified and trained to repair these high-performance drives, Jeff is a rare find. While high-speed adrenaline enthusiasts and professional offshore racers alike tend to focus on engine performance, Hopper has a different perspective. He knows that without a properly serviced high-performance drive you’re just burning gas and making noise. We’re proud to call Jeff Hopper part of our Innovation team because without him it wouldn’t make a difference how much horsepower our engines produce, we wouldn’t be going anywhere fast.
If you are looking for quality drive service, repairs, sales and rigging, look no further than Innovation Marine where we only employ the industry’s best.
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